Ssssh! Did someone mention ‘Elopement’??

Ssssh!  Did someone mention ‘Elopement’??

When you’re deliriously in love, how incredible is it to have a secret, just between the two of you.

Remember that one tiny, little moment after your ‘favourite other’ proposed, when no-one else knew about it, except the two of you?

With an elopement, you get to create a totally, bespoke day that allows you to start your lives together, as only you two choose.

The perfect time.

The perfect location.

The perfect vows , spoken from your heart directly to the other heart – with no-one else watching.

Is it not one of the most romantic and intimate forms of a union that you can think of?

And if you just have a favourite ‘few’ , there’s no reason why an elopement can’t be extended slightly into something just ‘small and special’.

There’s also no secret in the fact that with the money you will save spoiling other people, you could spoil yourselves with a fabulous honeymoon or even, a deposit for your first home together.

Elopements are not about sneaking away from other people, they’re about intimately formalising and celebrating two very special people, with one extraordinary love.

How could your family and friends be upset with that reasoning?

In ever-growing world of oversharing , maybe ‘undersharing’  your special day, could be just the answer.

Ssssh!  Did someone mention ‘Elopement’??

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