Make it ‘Groomsday, not Doomsday’ with the right preparation.

Make it ‘Groomsday, not Doomsday’ with the right preparation.

Where’s the wedding instruction book for grooms? It seems to be all…. ‘Bridal’ this and’ Bridal’ that, but about the fellas. It’s just as much as ‘your’ day, as your partners’ .

Fact is, you make up the other half of the wedding photos, so you have to look just as amazing as wonderful partner.

After all, it’s not every day a bloke gets hitched, and it’s important to be organised.

Of course, you did the hard part like proposing, choosing the perfect ring and helping to pick that perfect first-dance song, Phew!…but what now?

Here is a list of our top pre-wedding tasks for you, as the Groom to take on:

Be the ‘well groomed’ groom

Firstly, get a haircut, but plan to get it 1-2 weeks beforehand to ensure the trim can grow a little, if it’s not quite right.

Don’t leave it till the last minute, as you’re only asking for trouble for those wedding pics.
If you have a beard as well, then plan to get a professional beard trim a week out.
Remember all eyes are on you both and people will notice, so take a bit of time out before hand, to ensure you look your best for the ‘best day of your life’.

Wear it well

Another thing you shouldn’t leave until the last minute, is your wedding gear. Give yourself time to find exactly what you want, then make sure your best man and groomsmen also have time to resolve what they’re wearing. This is especially important if someone from your bridal party is coming from interstate, make sure that they’ve tried it all on beforehand. If everyone’s comfortable, it will show just how relaxed you all are, on the day.

Before you go for the formal suit there’s a whole host of options depending on what type of ceremony you’re having. If it’s a beach wedding why not go barefoot with lightweight trousers/shorts and loose fitting shirt, something slightly less casual, could be a vest and bowtie , or if you’re getting married in the middle of winter, then maybe consider something different but edgy, like a rich, velvet jacket. Or why not wear a kilt with your family’s tartan? Remember, these days it doesn’t always have to be a suit, jacket and tie.

Mates don’t always make the best MC’s

Remember, a best man, is not the guy can organise the best Buck’s party. Your best man should be able to advise you and support you both, before and during your very important day. Choose wisely. Whoever you decide upon, he should be reliable and able to guide everything through the reception. If your best man is your best friend, but not the most organised person, then maybe organise someone else to actually MC the wedding for you, to avoid any extra pressure.

(You don’t really want to upset things on the day by having a drunk and disorderly Best Man. You can celebrate with him beforehand. Remind him that it’s you and your partner’s wedding day, not another big night out with the boys!)

Even guys accessorize

Ok, it’s a really special day, so it doesn’t matter if it’s fun or formal, just be proud of what you’re wearing. Firstly, it’s a wedding, you don’t have a bouquet, but you ‘do’ have a wedding pinhole. Fellas, this should be more than a carnation! Most times, blokes like a simple bloom that compliments the bridal bouquets, but you could be creative and wear something that’s close to your heart, like a Darth Vader pinhole, or even a harry potter medal ??

hy not ask the florist to create something that could be woven into your pinholes, that is unique to you and your partner. If it’s your passion, then pin it!

And don’t stop at the pinhole, think about your whole outfit. What about a pocket kerchief that matches the bridesmaid’s dresses? If it’s a country wedding, you could wear some simple, tan suspenders (not the girlie kind either!) Or If you really want to personalise your day, what about some special ‘wedding day’ cufflinks, or some personalised socks hidden underneath (that’s a little secret between you two only).

But whatever you do, remember that this is your one day to step out of your standard, everyday attire.

Be a boy scout and be prepare

Discuss with your partner who needs to be thanked and be sure to get all of the “Thank yous” in first. Make sure you thank all the parents, the bridal party, those who’ve travelled, or gone over and above to be there and of course, thank your amazing partner. If you’re adventurous, maybe throw in a little wit or a great story about how you met? Even a dad joke can get the guests going.

Say more than’ I do’

These days, it’s popular for couples to write their own vows. Sometimes it’s much more personal when you have injected some of your story into your vows. Even if you don’t write them. Learn them.. Preparation helps so much when you’re nervous. Perhaps get yourself a printed copy, so you can confidently get through that important part of your ceremony. Relax and remember that even if you make a mistake, you will still end up married. (We’re all human and no matter what, your partner will love you no matter what!)

A million things you won’t remember

Put a checklist of things to remember for the morning of the wedding on your phone. This will ease some of the stress on the day and will ensure you have everything covered. Send the list for your best man as well. He’s there to look after you and if you’ve written it for him, then there won’t be any disappointments.

Prepare…to enjoy yourselves

Remember it’s your day, so enjoy it.

All too often, couples spend their wedding day stressing about everything and forgetting to enjoy the day. Just think of it as a celebration alongside your favourite person. It doesn’t matter if it rains, if you forget your words, or if you sweat too much. Ultimately, it’s never going to affect how you feel about your bride, or partner to be.

So get out there and enjoy the day as it happens all too quickly.

Just make sure you look your best, as it will affect how you look in those photos ‘that last a lifetime’!

Make it ‘Groomsday, not Doomsday’ with the right preparation.

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